Dr Mark Ooi

Dr Mark Ooi

University of New South Wales

Lead Researcher
Work Packages
Work Package 4 - Fire regime guidelines for conservation of threatened species

Mark Ooi is a plant ecologist and works as a Senior Research Fellow based at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, where he is a member of the Centre for Ecosystem Science. He runs a lab focused on fire and plant ecology, and is particularly interested in studying functional traits, and particularly seeds, and their role in the ecology of threatened species.

Mark’s research encompasses several themes in fire ecology, including plant population recovery in response to fires occurring in different seasons, and the impact of fires of different severities. He has ongoing collaborative projects from studies conducted in the fire-prone cerrado in Brazil and sand dune annual plant communities in Europe. He has written over 50 published papers and book chapters and given invited talks in Brazil, China, the UK and the USA.

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