Optimising cost-effective bushfire risk mitigation via planned burning

Work Package 6

Prescribed burning is a key tool in reducing bushfire risk.

To get the best results, more understanding is needed in how prescribed burning affects the things people care about: loss of life and property, impacts on infrastructure, biodiversity, health and the environment. The research team will integrate insights from fire behaviour modelling and analysis of the trade-offs in risk reduction amongst different impacts to understand the cost-effectiveness of different prescribed burning strategies and how this varies across NSW.

What we’re doing:

  • Simulating fire behaviour under a wide range of prescribed burning strategies and weather conditions in key landscapes
  • Analysing the bushfire risks to biodiversity, environment, health and infrastructure under these different fire scenarios
  • Determining the cost-effectiveness of different prescribed burning strategies

Is there a prescribed burning strategy that protects biodiversity, environment, health and infrastructure, as well as being cost-effective? Does it work everywhere?”