Emeritus Professor Ross Bradstock

Emeritus Professor Ross Bradstock

University of Wollongong

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Ross Bradstock was the founder of the Bushfire Hub and the ex-Director of the Centre for Environmental Risk Management of Bushfires. His research interests include Fire ecology, Conservation biology, Landscape ecology and Climate change. Ross is dedicated to the development of a quantitative understanding of risks posed by landscape fires to multiple values and the way such risks can be altered through cost-effective management and global change.

Ross came to the University of Wollongong from NSW NPWS where he had established himself as one of the world’s leading fire ecologists. His reputation in the field of fire ecology and management has continued to grow, and his achievements and contributions are recognised internationally. He has published more than 120 peer-reviewed journal papers and book chapters, four books on fire ecology and two on biodiversity conservation and management. He has also written more than twenty major scientific reports and policy documents.

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